The Familes of

Emeka & Ifeoma Nweke (Uruekwo Village, Enugwu Ukwu, Anambra State Nigeria)

Wendy Stanton (Los Angeles, California USA) Formally invites you to Chukwudubem and Dajanaes wedding!

June 5th, 2021
Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Please Send an email to [email protected] to get info and updates.

Countdown to the Wedding:

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Many of the hotels in the area have exceptional rooms, beautiful views and lots of personality. All events will take place in Melbourne, so please stay somewhere that is as close as possible. If you plan on staying in Orlando to go to Disney World (we understand please take the opportunity to do so if you can😉) there are a number of hotels that allow easy access to both Disney and Melbourne

Wingate by Wyndham Universal Studios & Convention Center

5661 Windhover Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

Rooms start at $126/night with a 3-4 stay. (this is down the road from Disney and in close proximity to a major highway)

Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place

200 Rialto Pl, Melbourne, FL 32901

Rooms start at $170 a night with a 3-4 stay.

Radisson Suite Hotel Oceanfront

3101 N Hwy A1A, Melbourne, FL 32903

Rooms start at $150 a night with a 3-4 stay.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Cocoa

301 Tucker Ln, Cocoa, FL 32926

Rooms start at $112 a night with a 3-4 stay.

Best Western Cocoa Beach & Hotel Suites

5600 N. Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Rooms start at $104 a night with a 3-4 stay.


Airbnb has many places listed that would work great. Please just make sure that you do not stay too far out of Melbourne or Orlando if you plan on going to Disney World.

Entire houses start at about $65 a night.


Melbourne Florida

Flying to Florida

Flying to Melbourne and Orlando are the easiest ways to get to Melbourne. Melbourne is the closest airport, although Orlando is only a 45 minute drive away(with tolls) - making either airport possible for your trip. meaning that you will need to arrange travel from the airport to your accommodations.

Rental Car
Renting a car is the best option if it is possible. In addition to making your trip from the airport to your accommodations simpler, there are also fun activities like Disney World that are much easier to do if you have a car.Kayak Car Rentals,Expedia,,Orlando Airport Car Rentals

Airport Shuttle
If renting a car is not an option for when you land, airport shuttles from Orlando to your hotel is the next best option. Airport Shuttles:Orlando To Melbourne

There are many flights available into Melbourne and Orlando, with the latter being the more afforadable. there is a paid shuttle between orlando airport and melbourne for those who dont want to travel around drive. car services are also available. Google Flights, TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, skipplagged or your choice will work for this.

Day of the Wedding Travel

Rental car or Ridesharing services (uber,lyft,etc) will be your best bet. There is some driving required to get to the venue please keep this in mind when planning your schedule for the wedding day.


Saturday, September 5th

The wedding day and attendance is highly recommended.

For now, just plan on being around and looking sharp that Friday. check back here frequently to get more information!


We're happy to receive your gift at our wedding or you can contribute online at our Registry. Our Zola Wedding Registry


Please use the following Hashtags to post pictures and messages about the wedding

To The Love of My Life

In less than days I have the honored privilege of marrying my best friend, life partner, biggest fan, biggest supporter and the other half that makes me whole Dajanae Barrows. She always supports and believes in me, brings joy and happiness into every single day, pours love into me and continues to show me what true happiness is. she is my rock, my light, my copilot in the journey of life and a vital pillar in my life's foundation. Kitty loves you Bunbun and can't wait to build a happy, healhty life filled with more love and laughter with you for millennia to come😍

To Everyone Else

We want to say Thank you for supporting us and believeing in us. If you can make it to the wedding, Thank you and we appreciate you if not, we totally understand. Thank you for being the kind people we love.

Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures of us at our engagement shoot😍

This website was lovingly crafted by Kitty for his BunBun😍.